Back from my world tour

Heya ! I’m finally back from my vacations, after spending months crossing many countries of the world. It has been a great adventure challenging and rewarding. I will probably make a post to relate this fabulous trip but I think I need first some time to digest it. 

Most important is I’m now back to real life and I’ll return to my job in few days. I’m taking the opportunity of these last days to consult doctors to check everything is fine before the real come back to life.

I decided to switch fully in English on this blog:

  • It will improve my skills with this language and since I will try to be more and more active and write articles related to my job. English is the most adequate language for this.
  • It will be easier to write tutorials and use English terms when I’m talking about architecture and coding stuff.
  • And the content will be accessible for a larger audience.

More to come in next days… Stay tuned.